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What's wrong with Kendra? *Part 2*

For those of you that don't remember the first part of Kendra's story you might want to check it out before continuing to read this blog post... (you can find part 1 in the "Tales" section of this blog).

Also, I have actually not long ago been in contact with Kendra's mother and now have enough amazing news to begin part 3 of Kendra's tale, so keep a look out for that and also keep an eye out for the coloured version of my part 2 sketch!

What's wrong with Kendra Part 2

Well, unfortunately for quite a while Kendra's saga carried on much the same as in the last half of this story, with her growing more and more detached by the day and the stress levels of those around her increasing at the same rate.

"It's all a part of growing up", "she's getting ready to fly the nest" one friend lectured Kendra's mother. But seriously, it was a little hard to believe that a normal 12 year old girl would be thinking of flying the nest before she was even a teenager, it just didn't make sense.

We had hoped that with her 13th birthday only days away Kendra would perk up even if just for the presents - but nothing seemed to be able to stir more than the vaguest emotion withn her.

Then it happened.

For Kendra, the year leading up to her 13th birthday was a completely different experience then for those around her.

She found herself each day more and more enveloped in a strange sense of calm that seemed to block out everything and everyone else, it felt like time was flying past at an uncanny pace and things that would normally interest her, now seemed to hold no wonder at all.

What exactly had changed, Kendra couldn't quite put her finger on. But somehow she knew all the explanations were freely available, right there in her head, yet whenever she tried to grasp one... it would be gone. It was as if the explanations themselves were constructed of fairy floss, and she hopelessley trying to catch them with her tongue - there was simply no time to make sense of anything before they melted away into a sweet oblivion...

Despite this, Kendra felt no alarm at all, only a deep longing to be alone - away from constant queries and prying eyes. She found herself perfectly happy just sitting in the rain watching the splashes and ripples as fat little raindrops collided with muddy puddles.

Then came the night before her 13th birthday.

It has to be said that nothing really remarkable happened that day, apart from the things I've already described. Kendra ate dinner as normal and she went to bed, just as she had been doing each and every night before this.

As she slept that night, Kendra dreamed a strange dream. She was walking through the forest not far from her house, when she came upon a sandy path. Knowing that sandy paths often led to the sea Kendra followed it, though it twisted and turned and narrowed to the point of non existance at times she instinctively seemed to know where it was going and continued to follow without hesitation.

After what felt like an age and with spider webs and debris tangled in her hair, Kendra finally noticed the dark path through the dense forest was opening up, the trees were thinning and being replaced by the silvery green shrubbery typical of the velvet sea coastline. Soon, she found herself at a clearing.

Looking about Kendra found she could see quite far under the light of the full moon. She found herself standing atop a hill, while the sandy path continued another hundred metres down to the shore line and stopped at the foot of an old crumbling jetty. Looking out at the still waters, Kendra saw what she decided must be some kind of hidden bay, for directly ahead across the water stood large mountaneous cliff faces that would most certainly appear to be the shore line if you were out upon the velvet sea. A new sensation overcame her as she looked out at the water, it seemed as if it were made of the deepest blue silk and she longed to run her fingers through it.

Hurring down the hill Kendra felt her desire to touch the water take over, and almost as if some other being was moving for her she began to run, skipping accross the missing timbers on the jetty as if she had done it one hundred times before and when she got to the end without even making a conscious descision to do so, she lept straight off the edge...

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of Kendra's tale and can't wait to tell you the rest!!! If you made it to the end of this post let me know what you think...

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  1. I just re read part one because I forgot all the details,and then part 2, this is a fantasic tale, the detail and the telling of the story is very readable. I really enjoyed reading this tale. good work