Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$50 voucher giveaway winners announced!!!

Yes it's July 1st and our brand new shop has been launched - check out our new store here - we'll be doing an official blog post on this later today but now it's time to announce the winners of our June Giveaway!!!

According to the Random numbers provided by our $50 voucher giveaway winners are:
  • Earth Angel Mumma (no.5) - $50 voucher Winner! 
  • Renny’s Little Things (no.32) - $50 voucher Winner!

 As we genuinely wish everyone could be a winner we’ve decided to give out a secret code to any participant that emails us within 14 days for a strictly VIP 20% store discount, valid until 31st August 2010!

To claim your prize please contact me within 14 days at and I will provide you with your secret voucher code!

YAY – I feel a tiny bit like Oprah right now!

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for participating :)

P.s - Keep an eye out for our official store launch post coming later today, also our fantastic July competition soon to be announced; and the first look at some adorable new dolls that I am finishing at the moment; oh, and the coloured version of Kendra part 2, oh, and a sneak peek at the loveliness that is our spring/summer collection... oh I could go on forever but I may hyperventilate from all the excitement - lol

Manda x


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