Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Isn't she lovely...

So here she is, a new Custom doll made for a lovely lady I met at our recent Cronulla Allies Attic Market named Melissa. Melissa was happy to leave all the styling up to me but simply requested that I used blues or greens instead of pinky colours for the clothing and that the hair was an unruly mass of brilliant red as she herself is a redhead (currently in disguise as a blonde)...

I love her sweet little freckled nose and her bright hazel green eyes but most of all I adore her shoes, I wish I had a pair for myself, but alas - a shoemaker I am not... although you just never know what I may turn my hand too in future.

She is currently unnamed *though I do have a secret name in my head for her* but I thought it might be nice for her to be officially named when she arrives at her new home. I really hope Melissa loves her as much as I do!

Manda x


  1. I love this doll, her face is so cute.
    and i love the detail in the shoes. What a fantastic doll.

  2. She sure is lovely Manda. You have done such a fabulous job, I am sure her new owner will be thrilled.

  3. she has such a fresh face. she reminds me of nicole kidman. I wish i had a pair of those shoes.