A little about Us
The art, stories, dolls and jewellery available in our shop are all created by myself, (Amanda Jane Coffey).   I am a proud Mum and print media/web designer by day, and in my "spare time" (usually in the wee hours of the morning) I find a few precious moments to chronicle my travels through Wonderlandia, a truly amazing place I was lucky enough to discover when I was very young and hope never to lose the way too...

The clothing available in our Wonderlandia store is all 100% handmade by my wonderfully talented mother Elizabeth Coffey, I know - it's hard to believe it's all one person and not a little factory of elves that create all of our clothing, but somehow she really does do it all! Not often spied without either a sketch book or a sewing project in hand, Mum is passionate about dressing children in outfits that have been handmade with love. Mum cuts all her garments for comfort and long wear, then sews and overlocks them with care so that they will last through endless adventures. Mum ensures all her clothing is fully machine washable so that busy Mum's like myself don't need to worry about handwashing, and what's more, the fabrics are all perfect for those of us who loathe ironing! Thanks Mum :)

Would you believe that my mother and I are both left handed and both born on the 27th of November - strange isn't it... we sincerely hope you enjoy our creations and welcome any feedback or queries you may have.

To get in contact with us, simply email wonderlandia@ymail.com 

A little about Wonderlandia

In Wonderlandia, all through the seemingly endless days of summer, the sun shines more brightly than anywhere else on earth, granting protection to all who play under it by casting out it’s long golden rays of light in every direction and instantly melting any monster of the night who dares to leave their deep, dark hiding places, and enter under it’s shimmering warmth.

The Winters are long and serene, seeing some places in Wonderlandia enveloped in snow, whilst others only a touch of frost on the worst days. However it is very few places that manage to escape the biting cold altogether, a cold that can only be kept at bay by staying inside under snuggly blankets or venturing outside under an amour of warm woollen jumpers, heavy fleece lined jackets, soft gloves and tall shiny gumboots.

When you live in Wonderlandia, smiles, laughter and screams of delight are contagious; and sadness although intense, is quickly forgotten - as whether they come from the house across the street, fly down from the skies, or crawl out from under the bark on a tree, friends are never far in Wonderlandia, and are always ready to cheer you up.

Wonderlandia is a unique and magical place, I really wish I could tell you more but I would be in danger of revealing secrets that I really shouldn’t – however, I can tell you this... in Wonderlandia the mere sight of a rainbow is worth more than a pot of gold; each and every inhabitant from the birds to the long green blades of soft spongy grass have their own wonderous stories to tell; and for those who seek them, adventures and amazing discoveries are lying in wait at every turn...