Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tangerine Dreams...

Everyone knows Retro cool is back and I suppose it's because it reminds us of a time when things seemed to be so much simpler, the days were longer, the crowds were smaller, the streets were safer - and we didn't have to carry the whole world around with us on our mobiles, yep, back in the "Wonder Years"...

Mum was reminiscing of exactly these times when she whipped up this great new reversible dress - it's her nod to the times when your Mum sewed your clothes, you could buy things with 1 & 2c pieces and eating out was only for special occasions.

One side is made from the softest brushed tangerine cord and features a cotton pocket and elephant applique going right round the base ; the reverse is 100% cotton, with a fresh & fun little elephant print. Like all our reversibles; it's cut for comfort and fully overlocked.

As mothers ourselves - we love these dresses; you can add clothes underneath and over the top to make them as warm or as cool as you desire and if your little "angel" gets a little messy - just flip it over and she's good as new (who has to know?) lol

Think marbles, corner stores and writing letters to Grandma on Mum's "special paper"... 

Oh and if this post got you thinking about getting the marbles out of the back shed like it did me then click here to check out the rules to some super fun marble games - Enjoy!!

Manda x


  1. I love your work Amanda! I bought one of your dresses from Etsy for my 4yr neice (partridge design - now known as "birdy dress"). We both picked it out and she was beside herself with joy when it arrived and wants to wear it 24/7. Her twin sister has almost been converted from her preference for tracksuit pants, so looks like I'll be back in Wonderlandia soon.

    CHeers, Amanda Harding

  2. Hi Amanda (great name by the way) - what a lovely comment, it's so great to hear that your daughter loves her dress! I loved the partridge print too it was sooooo adorable! I don't think we have any of that left any more, so I am pleased to know that one of them has gone to such a great home :)

  3. Manda, what a great dress! I especially love the circles side. And I've heard that not only is retro back in (again) but so are all shades of orange.
    Belinda :)