Sunday, March 14, 2010

New cord & cotton Easter skirts

Yesterday, after making up some new reversible dresses, I found myself with a big bag full leftover fabric that I couldn't bear to waste. So I set about making a few hair clips - but there was still so much fabric left...

Working around the akwardly shaped offcuts, I came up with an idea for some bright and fun skirts that would be just perfect for Easter. To begin with, I cut the fabric into strips, came up with some fun colour combos and hit the sewing machine running - before I knew it, I was testing out all the embroidery stitches on my mac
hine, sooooo fun!

I shirred the skirts at the top for stretch to allow them to fit for longer and increase comfort (both so important for growing kids) But, still not ready to stop embellishing - I went super frilly with a fourth layer of ribbon!

You can see some of the finished products in the pics above, they are all one offs and will be available in our Etsy shop shortly and also of course at our market stalls - the next market is on at Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club this weekend (sat 20/03) and then Sunday at Narrabeen Market Berry Reserve.

Hope I did ok for my first blog post - as a Grandmother I am proud to say I'm feeling very "with the times" right


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  1. wao what a very beautiful cotton skirts and its color so nice. thanks for sharing it...