Sunday, March 28, 2010

The elephants go marching out!

I am so happy with the response to my mummy and baby elephant denim pinafores, so much so I keep running out of the fabric for the lining, we sell out of them at each market and h
ave had plenty of orders too. So if you have come to visit us and weren't able to find the elephant pinafore in the size you were after make sure you come back soon as I have sourced some really great new great fabrics that I am going to experiment with which I think will be just as cute (if not cuter), so look out for lots of different coloured elephants coming up!

If you have any ideas for cute applique you'd like to see me create on a pinafore I'd love to hear them - so far I've created a few different owls, a giraffe, two types of whales and of course the mummy and baby elephants... Liz

1 comment:

  1. I bought one of these pinafores when i was in Coffs Harbour, it looks beautifull on my little girl. Just want to say thanks. i dont have any ideas for appliques.