Sunday, March 7, 2010

Secrets revealed...

On meeting Gwen I have to admit I was taken aback - I mean she's strange even by Wonderlandian standards, my mind was flooded with questions; is she a girl? a bird? where did she come from? Are there others? Why haven't I seen any of her kind on any of my travels through Wonderlandia before?

But if I was intruiged by the mere sight of Gwen, that's nothing compared to how I felt when I heard her story...

When she was just a young girl of nine Gwendolen was playing hide and seek in Brandysnap forest when she realised she had been separated from her friends and become lost. Gwen scrambled through the darkening forest, stumbling over tree roots and fallen branches - callling out to her friends, unknowingly running deeper into the forest instead of out of it.

Not looking where she was going Gwen slipped down a muddy bank and fell into a small puddle of water. However, this puddle was far deeper than it looked and Gwen found herself submerged right up to her neck. The water was bitterly cold and Gwen launched herself out immediately - however there was no relief to be had, for once out of the water she was suddenly overcome by the strangest senstation she'd ever felt...

She felt light, light as a feather, almost hollow, and the ground, was she taller?, it seemed to shrink beneath her feet - no she was hovering... then to her great surprise as she looked down to the ground Gwen saw something incomprehensible - her body was not the body she had been in only seconds before - no - it was the body of a bird...

Lost, alone and terrified Gwendolen stood her wrinkly, clawed feet upon the muddy bank, buried her head in her strange feathery wings and cried. Seconds later, her uncontrollable sobbing was cut short when she was siezed by a group of faeries, bundled into a wagon and informed she had been charged with unlawful use of the pool of reckoning.

After a brief yet horrendously bumpy ride, Gwendolen found herself being bustled through winding wooden corridors and up twisted timber staircases until they came to the great chamber of the Faerie Queen herself...

Gwen had only heard rumours of what the faerie queen was like and those rumours all told of her kindness, wisdom and generosity, but then again she had never heard of anyone breaking any faerie laws or anything at all about a pool of reckoning. Perhaps that was it - those that crossed the Queen never lived to tell their stories? Gwendolen trembled and felt the urge to fly away as far as she could. Of course, there was no point - the faeries could fly faster than she would ever be able too. Then before she could even begin to think of an escape plan she was standing before the Queen paralysed with fear.

"Why... she's just a child" The faerie Queen announced sounding shocked, "Unhand her at once!"

The faeries that had captured Gwendolen let her go immediately and hastily retreated from the room. The Queen stood up from her throne and approached Gwen.

"Had you ever heard of the pool of reckoning before this happened my child?" Still choked up from her ordeal Gwendolen simply shook her head.

"Just as I suspected" The Queen said softly and wiping away Gwendolens tears she continued, "Please don't be afraid of us little one, we don't mean you any harm. The faeries are simply interested in protecting the forest for ourselves, and all the other creatures that call it home - including you."

The Queen continued to explain that the pool of reckoning had been put in place by the wise Sorcerer Maitdor who had always been there to protect Brandysnap Forest in times of trouble. Maitdor had secretly created the pool of reckoning to protect the forest while he was away serving his mandatory time at the Great Library making contributions to the books of Histories and High Sciences, and teaching at the Wonderlandian School of High Sorcery.

"But what ever could Brandysnap need protecting from?" Gwendolen asked shyly, staring down at the floor.

"Brandysnap Forest, just like any other place in Wonderlandia, has it's share of creatures that mean us harm, all for different reasons and none that a young girl such as yourself ever need be privy too." The Queen lifted Gwendolen's chin and looked into her eyes as she continued, "All you need to know is that you have nothing to fear in Brandysnap Forest - you are well protected."

Of course as you can imagine, Gwendolens questions flooded out now that she was recovering from the shock, What happened to me? When am I going to be a girl again, When can I go home?

The Queen took the time to answer each question carefully, explaining to Gwendolen that the pool of reckoning contained some of the Sorcerers power in a highly concentrated form, it took years to prepare and will only work for a few uses, Maitdor couldn't be sure but he had guessed about three.

Maitdor explained to the faeries that should an enemy attempt to disturb the peace in Brandysnap that they must choose a leader to defend the forest. This leader must enter the pool, completely submerge themselves for a few seconds, and upon exiting will find themselves granted powers that will assist them in overcoming the threat.

As far as the Queen could guess, since Gwen was not defending the forest and had simply wanted to get out of the pool, she was granted wings allowing her to flee quickly. Unfortunately the faeries had no idea how to reverse the effects of the pool, but they were certain that when Maitdor came back he would be able to turn Gwen into a girl again.

However, when Gwendolen asked what day Maitdor would be returning on, she was told he would not be back for another eight years. Now for any one of us, eight years is a long time to wait indeed, but for a nine year old - it's simply an eternity! Gwendolen was inconsolable and unfortunately there was more bad news on the way.

The Queen's heart sank to inform Gwendolen that she could not return home to her family until Maitdor's return. For what nine year old could fathom the importance of the secrecy of the pool? What nine year old would have such a sense of duty to the forest that they would give up their family for eight years. Yet there was no getting around it - if the secret of the pool was revealed to anyone outside the faeries there would be all manner of creatures scouting the forest to find it, longing for the gifts it may bestow upon them. Greed was a powerful motivator and with only two uses left (if Maitdor was correct) they could not afford the secret to be discovered at all.

What's more, should the secret find it's way to thier enemies, the pool could be as much of a weapon against them as it was their greatest defence.

So that's how Gwendolen came to live with the faeries of Brandysnap Forest. Even after all this time despite all the kindness shown to her by the faeries and all the finery they shower her with, none of it has ever been able to replace the feeling of running through the grass with her big brother, or picking flowers with her little sister or the love of her parents. So Gwendolen waits, with impecable patience and guards the pool so that none will be forced to suffer the same fate as she has.

With only one year to go until Maitdors planned return, I am anxious to find out what happens to Gwen, I desperately hope to find her on my next visit to Wonderlandia with legs, arms and a big smile.

I hope you find her and her story as amazing as I did, I'll keep you updated on what happens with her.

Manda xxx


  1. If you got to the end - thanks for reading!

  2. I got to the end...and now I want more...;)
    34 years old and still love a good story!

  3. Lol - thanks Tina, I'll be posting more as soon as I find out what happens with her. I still have so much to share before then though, I have just finished the delighfully unique Kendra and I'll be posting her up very soon keep a look out I think you should love her (i do) :)

  4. I am in love with this dazzling pink harpy and your words were so wonderfully full of majick.
    what a wonderful blog!! i cant wait to see what you come up with next.
    best wishes to you on your creative journey,
    -Chelsea Rose

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words Chelsea, it makes me happy to know that you enjoyed this post :)