Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Would you pay over $1000 for one tablet?

I was so devastated when my son Jet decided to do a little teething on my Wacom tablet pen which I use instead of a mouse. So, for the last week I have actually been back to a normal mouse which for some horrible reason always makes my hand cramp up like some kind of rigamortis attack...
Yesterday I finally decided not to get a replacement pen but to get a whole new tablet instead! See below!
I am so excited as my current tablet was designed for home photo editing, it's not really a professional model or anything and was a little clumsy - but my new one - well that's a different story! I am getting the Wacom Intuos4 Large which has all the specs I need, I mean the pen registers pressure from 1 gram and with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity apparently it's a dream to draw with - the pen even comes with 10 changeable nibs!
I briefly considered the tablets with inbuilt LCD screens, they are incredible - just imagine drawing straight onto your artwork with a pen whilst having the screen in your lap or on a desk, but these were way out of my budget... still - I can dream right?
So, back to the real world - I researched the Intuos4 thoroughly on the internet and the cheapest store by far was gizmomart.com.au, I got the tablet for $499 from them and postage was $15, whereas most other stores were in excess of $600, some even over $1000. I found it surprising that one of the most expensive sites was the Wacom Australia wholesale store where you have to pay over $700 plus postage - weird hey? Anyhow - Gizmomart says that this offer is only till 1st of March 2010 so if you are in the market for a tablet I'd get in quick.
So now I begin my tortuous wait for the mail man - the site didn't say how long it would be but I am hoping I'll get it on Friday, (wishful thinking I know) I really can't wait to put this tablet to the test - I'll post my findings asap!


  1. I've never used a tablet... but, looks really cool. (the possibilities are endless, right??) Hmm...I might just have to get one. Let us know how you like it!

  2. Yeah absolutely if you do any creative work on the computer particularly working with photoshop, painter or illustrator it's fantastic.

    They even have a special pen you can get for the tablet I am getting that is an inking pen which means you can put a piece of paper over the tablet and draw on it with the pen but what you draw will also show up on the screen - I guess you could use it for tracing things out too. Such a great idea :)