Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fresh from the sketchbook

On my most recent trip to Wonderlandia I was fortunate enough to meet up again with the faeries of brandysnap forest, they really are the most generous and hospitable of all the faeries but despite this, I still found myself shocked when they chose to make me privy to one of thier most important secrets...

No, Gwendolen isn't the secret, but unfortunately she is burdened with keeping it; which means she hasn't been able to leave the forest in more than 10 years, thankfully she has the faeries to tend to her needs and provide company but it's just not the same as the loving arms of the family and friends she had to leave behind all those years ago.

Meeting Gwendolen was a unique experience, and not just for the obvious reasons - this softly spoken creature has the thoughtful composure an ancient philosopher, but despite all her manners and refinement, nothing can hide the overwhelming melancholy and longing that seems to lie just beneath her surface.

I'll fill you guys in on Gwen's full story when I post the completed pic, hope you like my sketch so far!

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