Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ken Duncan in Wonderlandia?

Just a quick blog about our new blog and etsy shop banner - I hope you like them as it took me ages to draw a really wide scene of one of my favourite spots in Wonderlandia (mostly because it's right near the home of one of my dearest friends), but it's also the spot where Brandysnap Forest meets Everspring Wood and it's just such a lovely place to be. Full of woodland creatures and flooded with echoes of distant bird calls... it's just so serene.

When I was finished it kind of reminded me of a Ken Duncan photograph because of it's panoramic quality...


  1. Yes Yes Yes I love the new esty shop banner. I also love the fact that you have used different colours and images in both. Well done and still fits in with the wonderlandia brand. Especially love the esty banner. Also just wanted to also mention that I adore the doll with orange hair, very tempted to buy it if you have it available at the Allies Attic Cronula market. See you Sat. Natalie

  2. Thanks Nat - so far she is still available, she is my favourite of those also (though I try not to have favourites) I just adore working with the bright orange angora wool and it's fun to pick prints that will match as redheads can handle alot of fun bright colours and look really sweet.

  3. ok can you hold it for me and I will purchase it on Sat at Allie's Attic.

    Being a redhead I fell in love with the long orange hair and also remember I suggested using wool as hair. brings out the little girl in me (i so loved my barbies as a kid i spend hours dressed them and designing their houses) and the hot range of pinks you have used. You know how I love that gorgeous deep coloured pink LOL. Can't wait to see you...