Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lookout Third dimension here I come!!!

Whilst working on Veronica (pics coming soon) I have accidently fallen in love with art that can be touched and admired from all angles and have consquently begun work on a prototype for a new line of Wonderlandian Dolls!!!

So how did this new fascination occur?

Well it's simple really, my mother (who is an amazingly talented woman, most often found sewing, knitting, crocheting, watercolour painting or lost in a book) came to visit a few weeks back.

On her visit we went on a shopping trip to collect beautiful fabrics for a patchwork quilt she was working on, when by chance I came accross some amazing doll making supplies! Now of course I visit craft stores all the time but this time for some reason the doll stuff really fascinated me and I think it's because I watched this lovely handmade portait of Sarah Faber on Etsy a few days before:


Which led me to watch this;

Then this;

So, stocked up with fabric, ribbons, paint and some fake hair from a novelty store we set out to create Cindy from "A Lovely Surprise" (if you haven't seen it check out my etsy store).

This is what we made:

I wish I had a better pic to include where her clothes aren't all rumpled and you can see her sweet little shoes but my camera is out of battery and I have no idea where my charger got too!!

Mum (who did all the sewing) thinks I should paint the dress too so it really has the look of a 3D painting - I like the idea so I am going to give it a go and I also think I might try needle sculpting the face to get a bit more life into it...

I'll post the results as soon as I am done!


  1. OOohhhh very nice! Good luck with this and can't wait to see the completed results.

  2. Oh I just stumbled upon this and thought you might be interested. The front page of this website features some articles on Copic Markers and they are having a giveaway. You just have to leave a comment. ;) Good luck!


  3. Thanks VivatRegina - reading the info on copics on that site really made me want some I haven't experimented too much with markers but now it has just been added to my "to-do" list!

  4. That lovely doll will make some little girl very happy....hopefully over the Holidays!

  5. I love how you transfered you style so well to the new medium. I'm a klutz with sewing, but it might have been fun to make stuffies of the monsters I used to paint.

    Great work!

  6. Beautiful work, we're loving your blog!

    Best - David