Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Burning the candle

My apologies for seeming a little MIA (missing in action) of late! In addition to my regular job I have actually been working on a special project for Allie Duval of Allie's Attic. I'll post some pics and info on that a little later today.

So back to the real reason for this post - I am delighted to show you the finished Elvira! I really hope you find her as magnificent as I did when I first saw her.

Although, I must say my real fascination came about only after meeting her - Elvira explained so many amazing things about her race to me, for instance; Did you know that butterfaeries don't need to eat? Apparently they drink moonlight through thier wings and turn it to food (in a similar way to plants). However, the compound they utilize can only be found in the light of the Wonderlandian moon so they can never leave! (Not that they seem to want too anyway).

Having a moonlight diet affects so much of the butterfaeries way of life; in fact each full moon they have great festivities with dancing and games; as this is when the moon provides them with the greatest feast of it's cycle and they find themselves very powerful and energetic. However, when the moon wanes the butterfaeries generally won't wake or leave their beds during the day, as they prefer to conserve their limited energy until the moon grows again.

Oh I could talk about Elvira all day, but this post would end up a novel, so I'll leave the rest to your imagination... for now :)

I'll be adding Elvira to my Etsy store as a limited edition A4 print later today so be sure to go on and check her out!


  1. The detail of her wings are beautiful, fantastic job! :)

  2. She's lovely. The colors are so beautiful :-)

  3. Ahhh yes I am to blame for the wonderful Amanda going MIA.. but just wait until you see the Allie's Attic website and I'm sure you will appreciate how stunning the website looks! Amazing job Amanda, well done! xxo

  4. Elvira is adorable Amanda. Oh and BTW my Dad loved his "gone fishing" picture for Fathers Day. My hubby made a nice sheoak frame for it and it is now pride of place in his lounge room :0)