Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wonderlandia Art Gallery

"A Strange Surprise" 2009
Acrylic paint, photoshop

"Up, Up and Away!" 2009
Acrylic paint

"Forbidden" 2009
Acrylic paint, Photoshop

"A lovely surprise" 2009
Acrylic paint

"Last days of summer" 2009
Acrylic paint, coloured pencil & photoshop

"Lily and the butterflies" 2009
Acrylic paint & photoshop

"Cheer up" 2009
Acrylic paint

"Bliss" 2009
Acrylic paint

I want to establish a gallery of my work on this blog - so above is the first installment!

Hope you like them. I'd love to hear any feedback :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda. I found your blog via the dust team. I really love these pictures - Lily and the Butterflies is my favourite.