Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer lovin' in Wonderlandia

Despite a few annoyingly cold days I have definitely been noticing spring is here, my plants are growing, the lawn needs mowing and I have had a sudden urge to get a flatter stomach?

One unfortunate thing I've noticed is that as soon as the weather starts warming up, my calendar starts getting very full - between weddings, barbeques, christenings and birthdays it's pretty crazy - then December comes along... let's just say I understand why they call it the silly season now!

That got me to thinking about what Summer used to mean to me when I was a kid...

I really wish I could have one of those summers back! It was just heaven... longer days, later bedtimes, the beach, the pool, the sprinkler, a blow up pool at the end of a slippery slide - any water would do! And after swimming for sooooo long my lips were purple - eating hot chips with tomato sauce and wearing towels Dad used to roll into crowns on his leg... oh I could go on forever... I bet you all have some great summer memories too!

So this summer I am determined to get a little lazier, make a few less engagements, so I can take a little time to ditch the iphone, throw away my to do list and make some new Summer memories with my family!

P.S - While you're out making your memories, don't forget to take lots of pics - especially if your little surfer girl happens to be wearing an adorable Wonderlandian handmade skirt! Oh and if she is - send it in to us, we LOVE seeing your pics! It's so nice to see where our creations end up!

Bianka & Daniella wearing some new Wonderlandian summer skirts!


  1. I love what you have done with the pics. Did you see my new line of appliqued pinafores. Denim is in this summer, any thing but jeans, and i have lots of ideas, last market people wanted appliqued pinafores so thats how i lost all the stuff on my computer, looking up ideas for appliques. Any way i like the end result of the clothes. MUM

  2. wow manda jane , im am very impressed with how well you are doing keep up the good work and all the best for the near future . James Balush