Sunday, November 22, 2009


Now the little Diva's and baby Studmuffins in your life can stand out for all the right reasons thanks to our new Wonderlandia inspired clothing...

When working on our new clothing for Wonderlandia we were focused on two things first and foremost - quality & comfort then of course, style and indiviuality.

The features of Wonderlandia clothing includes:

  • All garments are overlocked for a professional finish
  • interfacing is included where required to assist the clothing in holding it's crisp shape
  • Any applique are attached with both fusible webbing and fully satin stitched to achieve maximum durability
  • 100% cotton fabrics have been chosen for comfort and breathability
  • elastics used are as lightweight as possible whilst still providing the support needed to keep little pants and skirts in place
  • All our clothing has been created to be as long wearing as possible with adjustable sizing where practical and larger cuts to allow your ever growing little ones to get the more wear out of each item.
  • all our garments have excellent results when cold machine washed and line dried... so they are ideal for us busy Mums!
Creating the same thing over and over again is definitely not our thing - Mum and I love to put our creativity and love into each garment. In fact, most Wonderlandia pieces so far have been created as one offs or in very limited numbers which makes them all the more special.

We really hope you love what we've done so far, we've had a great time working with really fun bold bright prints and then changing it up with some sweet shabby-chic-esque floral prints...

Here are a few examples - please visit our Etsy store for more!

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