Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderlandia's partial relocation... and new DOLLS!!!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we've now moved to Sydney (from Coffs Harbour) so now we won't be at the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club markets each Sunday anymore (sad face) We still plan to visit Coffs from time to time to say hi to all the fantastic stall holders and customers we've enjoyed spending time with - of course we'll be bringing all our wears with us too! However if you don't want to wait for a visit you can check out our Etsy store at and anyone in the Coffs Harbour area will recieve free postage on all items until 1st Jan next year.

As for our new permanent Sydney market locations we are going to try out a bunch of different ones until we fall in love with a location or two and set up shop for good. We'll keep you updated but in the mean time you can find us at Windsor Market on the 21st of November - we've been before and loved all the friendly stallholders there so if you are around stop in and say hi!

Lookout for a new range of sweet ponytailed darlings ready to venture out into the world very soon. I just need to sew up their little heads, paint their little faces, and add a few other secret magical ingredients and they'll be ready to seek out thier destinies... you never know one of them could be entering your life very soon... 

Manda x

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tie Dye Snobs?

We've really fallen for tie dye in our new summer collection it's so fun and vibrant and really has such a nice genuinely handmade feel to it, especially since no two ever come out the same.

I have noticed in the shops lately, lots of "tie dye" is finding it's way into the commercial stores, but it's not real tie dye, (as it takes too long to do, to be commercially viable), so it's just digitally printed onto the fabrics. I actually do conceed that some of the digital printed clothing ends up looking pretty nice but i must admit we do feel slightly superior knowing that ours is the real thing... could we be turning into a tie dye snobs? lol   

The pictures with this post are a sneek peek of the new dresses Mum dyed today, I have some really cool boys tees coming soon which I am hoping to post some pics up of very soon.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and Mum will see you tomorrow if your coming down to our Coffs Market! By the way - if you have your eye on any of the dresses you see in the pics they should be at the market too!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer lovin' in Wonderlandia

Despite a few annoyingly cold days I have definitely been noticing spring is here, my plants are growing, the lawn needs mowing and I have had a sudden urge to get a flatter stomach?

One unfortunate thing I've noticed is that as soon as the weather starts warming up, my calendar starts getting very full - between weddings, barbeques, christenings and birthdays it's pretty crazy - then December comes along... let's just say I understand why they call it the silly season now!

That got me to thinking about what Summer used to mean to me when I was a kid...

I really wish I could have one of those summers back! It was just heaven... longer days, later bedtimes, the beach, the pool, the sprinkler, a blow up pool at the end of a slippery slide - any water would do! And after swimming for sooooo long my lips were purple - eating hot chips with tomato sauce and wearing towels Dad used to roll into crowns on his leg... oh I could go on forever... I bet you all have some great summer memories too!

So this summer I am determined to get a little lazier, make a few less engagements, so I can take a little time to ditch the iphone, throw away my to do list and make some new Summer memories with my family!

P.S - While you're out making your memories, don't forget to take lots of pics - especially if your little surfer girl happens to be wearing an adorable Wonderlandian handmade skirt! Oh and if she is - send it in to us, we LOVE seeing your pics! It's so nice to see where our creations end up!

Bianka & Daniella wearing some new Wonderlandian summer skirts!

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Spring/Summer Range

Yes, it's taken us some time but we are back and feeling all glistening and new with our tropical bird inspired Spring/Summer range for girls and our Urban Surfer range for boys...

For the girls think Vivid Violet, Indian Yellow, Kingfisher Blue & Flamingo Pink, light, bright and cool with uniquely textured hand dyed fabrics. We are doing skirts, dresses, tees, kaftans and everything she might need for a tropical getaway, (or playing in the sandpit out the back)...

For the boys think dark greys and blues of a stormy sea and the concrete in the local skatepark, then add some of the glassy bright blues and foamy whites of that perfect wave... We are doing shorts, boardies, tees and everything he needs to showcase his innate coolness...

Keep an eye out for some pics coming very shortly!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$50 voucher giveaway winners announced!!!

Yes it's July 1st and our brand new shop has been launched - check out our new store here - we'll be doing an official blog post on this later today but now it's time to announce the winners of our June Giveaway!!!

According to the Random numbers provided by our $50 voucher giveaway winners are:
  • Earth Angel Mumma (no.5) - $50 voucher Winner! 
  • Renny’s Little Things (no.32) - $50 voucher Winner!

 As we genuinely wish everyone could be a winner we’ve decided to give out a secret code to any participant that emails us within 14 days for a strictly VIP 20% store discount, valid until 31st August 2010!

To claim your prize please contact me within 14 days at and I will provide you with your secret voucher code!

YAY – I feel a tiny bit like Oprah right now!

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for participating :)

P.s - Keep an eye out for our official store launch post coming later today, also our fantastic July competition soon to be announced; and the first look at some adorable new dolls that I am finishing at the moment; oh, and the coloured version of Kendra part 2, oh, and a sneak peek at the loveliness that is our spring/summer collection... oh I could go on forever but I may hyperventilate from all the excitement - lol

Manda x


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tangerine Dreams...

Everyone knows Retro cool is back and I suppose it's because it reminds us of a time when things seemed to be so much simpler, the days were longer, the crowds were smaller, the streets were safer - and we didn't have to carry the whole world around with us on our mobiles, yep, back in the "Wonder Years"...

Mum was reminiscing of exactly these times when she whipped up this great new reversible dress - it's her nod to the times when your Mum sewed your clothes, you could buy things with 1 & 2c pieces and eating out was only for special occasions.

One side is made from the softest brushed tangerine cord and features a cotton pocket and elephant applique going right round the base ; the reverse is 100% cotton, with a fresh & fun little elephant print. Like all our reversibles; it's cut for comfort and fully overlocked.

As mothers ourselves - we love these dresses; you can add clothes underneath and over the top to make them as warm or as cool as you desire and if your little "angel" gets a little messy - just flip it over and she's good as new (who has to know?) lol

Think marbles, corner stores and writing letters to Grandma on Mum's "special paper"... 

Oh and if this post got you thinking about getting the marbles out of the back shed like it did me then click here to check out the rules to some super fun marble games - Enjoy!!

Manda x

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's wrong with Kendra? *Part 2*

For those of you that don't remember the first part of Kendra's story you might want to check it out before continuing to read this blog post... (you can find part 1 in the "Tales" section of this blog).

Also, I have actually not long ago been in contact with Kendra's mother and now have enough amazing news to begin part 3 of Kendra's tale, so keep a look out for that and also keep an eye out for the coloured version of my part 2 sketch!

What's wrong with Kendra Part 2

Well, unfortunately for quite a while Kendra's saga carried on much the same as in the last half of this story, with her growing more and more detached by the day and the stress levels of those around her increasing at the same rate.

"It's all a part of growing up", "she's getting ready to fly the nest" one friend lectured Kendra's mother. But seriously, it was a little hard to believe that a normal 12 year old girl would be thinking of flying the nest before she was even a teenager, it just didn't make sense.

We had hoped that with her 13th birthday only days away Kendra would perk up even if just for the presents - but nothing seemed to be able to stir more than the vaguest emotion withn her.

Then it happened.